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Tennis Court Crack Repair That Is Permanent

Since the first hard tennis court was built we have been filling tennis court cracks with everything from cement to rubber, only to have them relentlessly re-appear.  Until recently, there have been only  three options: live with the tennis court cracks reappearing every Winter, re-fill them every year or two, or perform some kind of major reconstruction.  This has been equally frustrating for tennis court owners and contractors. 
      Finally, there is a fourth option.  A long-term tennis court crack repair system that doesn't fight the structural movement of the court slab around the cracked areas.  CrackSpan is a patented system that covers the crack and surrounding court area with a flexible, yet tough, membrane that stretches and contracts with the movement of the slab.  The cracks are still opening and closing a little, the movement just doesn't reflect through the membrane.

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