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CrackSpan Installation Steps

Clean out the crack and fill with Poly5000 patching compound,using a steel trowel as depicted.

Scrape or sand the crack repair until flush with the court surface.

Apply a 6 inch wide coat (centered over the crack) of CrackSpan Soft Coat using a 3" paint roller.  Use all of the Soft Coat supplied with the kit (or 1.6 gallons per 100 lineal feet of repair).

After the CrackSpan Soft Coat has thoroughly dried, apply CrackSpan Bond Coat in an area approximately 24" wide centered over the crack for about 5 feet.

While the Bond Coat is still wet, roll out a 4 foot strip of CrackSpan Membrane directly on top of the Bond Coat.  Make sure all of the membrane is laying in wet Bond Coat. Do not depend on the Bond Coat soaking through the membrane from above.  It will not and the system will fail where you attempt this.   Apply more CrackSpan Bond Coat over the top of the membrane until the fabric is thoroughly saturated.

Repeat this process until the crack is covered with the membrane.  Cut the membrane with scissors where necessary to follow the direction of the crack.  Overlap the the pieces of the membrane at least 3" where these cuts are made.

After the CrackSpan repair has thoroughly dried, apply 2 to 3 coats of Shell Coat Resurfacer, using a coating squeegee or a 12" to 24" steel trowel, as depicted.  You should apply these coats parallel to the direction of the crack repair, making sure to overlap the edges of the fabric by 3 inches or more.

After the resurfacer coats are dry, sand and/or scrape to remove all bumps and ridges. You are now ready to surface the court.  Apply a minimum of 2 coats of sand-filled color-coating over the entire court.