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CrackSpan Specifications


CRACKSPAN is a permanent crack repair system which allows movement of a crack under a high strength, flexible, membrane.  This 20" wide membrane is adhered to the court surface using a highly flexible, waterproof, bonding liquid (Bond Coat).  The remaining 6 inches in the center of the membrane is exposed to an elastomeric compound (Soft Coat), allowing free movement of the membrane in this area as the crack expands and contracts. CrackSpan is specifically designed to repair cracks on an asphalt or concrete tennis court or other similar recreational surfaces having foot traffic only.


Tennis courts, basketball courts, and all other recreational surfaces where permanent repair of cracking is desired.


Use a standard soft bristle brush or a standard paint roller with medium cover.


CrackSpan Bond Coat and Soft Coat will dry in about hour under optimum outdoor temperature and humidity conditions. Always allow product to thoroughly dry before application of any sport surface coatings.

Stir Fabric Bond Well Before Using. The product is “Read-To-Use” Do not dilute with water.

The CrackSpan Permanent crack repair system is installed in the following stages:

Clean out cracks and patch with Poly5000 patching compound to their full depth.

Apply 2 to 3 coats of CrackSpan Soft Coat over an area covering 3” on either side of the crack, using a 3” paint roller with medium cover. Allow to dry thoroughly before proceeding with next stage.

Apply CrackSpan Bond Coat to the prepared area to a width of at least 24 inches, centered over the crack, and a length of 5 feet.  Embed the 20" wide polyester fabric directly into the Bond Coat while still wet. Immediately follow with saturation coat to cover the entire fabric membrane and allow to dry. Fabric should be thoroughly saturated with Bond coat when you have finished a area. Be sure the Bond Coat is thoroughly dry before proceeding to the Shell Coats. 

Optional:  Apply 12" wide fiberglass fabric to all edges of the install polyester fabric, using the same method described above. Overlap the fabric 6” over the edge of the polyester membrane.

Apply two coats of heavy Shell Coat surry mix over the entire CrackSpan system before proceeding with the court resurfacing. Rub edges with a masonry rubbing stone after each coat.


  • Do not install when temperature is below 70ºF.
  • Do not install when rain is imminent
  • Do not install on dirty, damp, or mildew covered surfaces.
  • Do not install on cracks that emit moisture.
  • Install on areas receiving foot traffic only
  • Do not install over weak or degrading Asphalt Emulsion.
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