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What Makes CrackSpan Better Than Other Systems?

  There are two key innovations we believe set CrackSpan apart from similar systems.  Number one, we provide a strong, waterproof, adhesive with our kit.  The other systems only recommend the use of a concentrated tennis court coating called 'Acrylic Resurfacer'.  Even in
    concentrate form it has, at least, 60% more water than our adhesive.  Less water + More Adhesive = Stronger Bond.  Our second major innovation is the use of, what we call, a soft coat between the court surface and the special
      CrackSpan membrane in the 6" center area.  This soft coat allows the CrackSpan membrane to stretch and the contract with the the crack, allowing move-
      ment of the membrane as needed. The crack is still underneath the membrane, it 
    just can'tbe detected by the players.  CrackSpan

       also keeps damaging surface water out of the  crack.


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